Panda Update - Google Strikes Back

Well we all woke up to either bad news or in our case good news as we saw a major change in the search results on google for many search terms.  The Panda update was a killer for webmasters and SEO consultants that used articles and cheap or automated content to push their sites to the top of google.  What we found was that massive amounts of "crap" content that was on multiple pages on the net got killed.  Google did not just say hey this doesn't help your site we are going to penalize you for having it on your site as well.  We also see that article submissions are no longer a value to your SEO efforts as this plays directly into the above statement with duplicate or crap content.


If you suffered from the February 2011 Panda hit we can help quite a bit, this means cleaning up a lot of junk content and external factors.  We would need to analyze your off site issues to fully insure your drop was from this update and not another google penalty.  If your looking to simply increase your websites SEO results then do not worry about the Panda update, we can help you today.