Google Penguin Update

If you bought paid links in bulk, or used blog rolls to push your sites SEO needs you got killed in April of 2012, the Penguin update was somthing we saw coming years ago as more and more seo firms simply farmed massive amounts of links for small groups of sites.  Natural link building or "safe" link building is required to succeed in today's SEO wars.  If you got a webmaster tools warning for unnatural links you would then see a massive drop within 2 weeks in SEO rankings.  This is NOT an easy fix, your pretty well screwed is the reality of this hit but of course we can help in a few different ways.  This will require a in depth analyzation of what you have currently. 


Don't you hate fly by night SEO groups?  Did your old SEO group disappear after the penguin update?  If you say yes to any of these then relax and get in touch with me to take a loom at some realistic corrections for your SEO needs.